Catalog: Volume 1


The making of a catalog is an intense and winding journey of creation, edits, and approvals.  Before you dive in to the contents of the first catalog, I want to take you behind the scenes for the entire process and explain the philosophy behind the publication.

The Making of a Catalog

Back in August, I met with a Photographer known as Chad Tree to discuss the vision behind our catalog photoshoot.  I wanted to capture the 10 piece core collection in a way that would show an effortless transition of season and time.  To keep the atmosphere relaxed and relatable, we decided to curate four mini-sets with plants and objects from my own home, in addition to some last minute tropical florals ordered from Blooms By the Box.

As the daylight matured, Chad's Studio in North Philadelphia became flooded with natural light.  We took this for granted and photographed most of the images with the help of Mother Nature and a reflector.  Models Sam Heddlesten and Dayanna Nutter graced us with their beauty and talent for effortless natural expression.

At the end of the day new friends left with fond memories and a camera full of Damiano Collection.  A few weeks later all of the images were edited and ready to be set into catalog form.  After many hours were spent at the computer and many friends being coerced into proofreading version after version, one printing failure and one last edit later, a catalog was born!  Thanks to Smartpress, the final print was brilliant.

Without Further Delay

 Explore our first catalog to get to know the collection a bit better.  Gain styling tips from each practical look and find the inspiration to transition into a more natural wardrobe.  One more thing to note, each new online order comes with a complimentary catalog.  Enjoy! 


October 17, 2017 by Damiano Collection

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