Feel Comfortable In Everything You Own

The design philosophy is simple.  To translate easy silhouettes in supple fabrics, made of only the finest natural fibers.  Having a wardrobe that doesn't make it hard to get dressed is an ideal that guides each new design.

Comfort is key. I can recall countless times in front of my closet, throwing on items just to take them off in frustration, unable to find comfort in my own belongings.  It was then I made a promise that I would find the aspects of a garment that lead me to frustration, and design a line that would allow women to always feel comfortable in everything that they own, and in a garment other than sweatpants. More than just fabric, the closures and construction of a garment are all parts of consideration. Minimalistic details and effortless fastenings make getting dressed a smooth and easy process.  

Less is more. Another thing to consider is the amount of clothing you own. The inspiring women behind Project 333 challenge you to dress with only 33 items for 3 months.  What do you think, could you do it?  

Start the challenge by first boosting the quality of your pieces. Make sure your clothes are good for you and the environment by purchasing from honest companies, and choosing natural and renewable fibers (silk, cotton, bamboo) over synthetics (polyester, rayon, spandex).  Then focus on comfort and style to allow your natural self to shine through.  So, let's get comfortable!

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August 30, 2017 by Damiano Collection

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