Introducing The Silk Body Wrap
The Silk Body Wrap Debut: April 2018
The plan is 7 days and 6 nights in the tropical climate of Playa Bávaro, Dominican Republic. My go to leather duffle bag is neatly packed from seam to zipper with a bit of room for those little treasures that always tend to follow me home.  Along with a few wardrobe basics, I bring the one piece that takes me on an effortless journey of resort living, the Silk Body Wrap.  
Here are just a few variations of the Silk Body Wrap I chose to style during my trip to Melia Resorts:
Halter Dress:
When simplicity reigns supreme, wake up and cover up in a snap.
Drape it as a halter dress with a hint of leg for easy movement.
Playful yet informal, this functional look will get you moving.
As a sarong style skirt, it perfectly pairs with any top of choice. 
AKA, where you can be found 90% of the time.
Tie up the bottom at the level of your waist for an effortless tunic look.
One-Shoulder Dress:
Shine bright in a look all your own.
Perfect for a dinner for two or dancing in the moonlight.
How would you style it?  
February 02, 2022 — Damiano Collection