Quoi Porter?: A Week in Québec

If I had only one wish for my Birthday, it would be to take a road trip to Québec City and explore the bustling streets of French-Canadian history.  Et Voilà, we are here!  From the 10 hour drive to a stroll down Rue Saint-Jean, I'll share my favorite places to visit and how I dressed for the occasion in Damiano Collection style.  

Exploring Old Québec City

Imagine the most charming architecture and quaint façade-filled winding streets.  And you can't miss the majestic Château at the top of city center.  To explore this beautiful city, I wore the breathable Organic Cotton Shirtdress over Silk Separates (Bralette and Shorts) for modesty under those sheer whites.  Here are my favorite snaps of the day!

The Island

Île d'Orléans is a fantastic landscape of vineyards, berry farms, orchards and fromageries.  There is one main road that loops around the entire island, which is perfect for sightseeing and stopping for some delectable treats.  My explorers outfit consisted of the Washed Silk Pants layered with the Silk Wrap Shirt.

The Museum

Quebec City has many historical museums and buildings.  As a patron of the arts, we chose to visit the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec.  Many modern and classic art is displayed alongside a couple of fine dining nooks and a bee garden on the roof! I dawned the Silk Day Robe tied at the waist, with the Cotton Wrap Culottes.


Final Note

After a week trying to blend in like a local, Quebec truly started to feel like home (if everyone spoke French at home, that is).  It is not unlike Philadelphia in size, but the culture of the city is slower and reminiscent of a European mindset.  The most interesting difference is at each traffic intersection, there is a designated light for pedestrian crossing only.  Hello J-walk freedom! 

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September 09, 2018 by Damiano Collection

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