Take Good Care: Le Blanc® Silk Wash

Skin is precious. To care for our skin is to clothe it.  Wearing natural fibers such as Silk and Cotton not only regulate the skins body temperature better than synthetic fibers (Polyester, Nylon, Spandex), but also play a key part in absorbing excess oils, keeping the skin perfectly moisturized.  Natural fabrics are not only good for the skin, they are a sustainable, naturally reproduced commodity straight from the earth.

What's the fuss? Silks are easier to care for than you may think.  Being a protein based fiber, much like hair, Silk is hearty enough to be hand washed and hung to dry.  When it comes to cleaners, a hands down favorite is Le Blanc® Silk Wash.  Based in Florida, Le Blanc® has been manufacturing all natural fabric washes and sprays for over 30 years. I am excited to say that you can now find Le Blanc® fragrance free liquid wash available via our website!  View Product Details

A Step By Step Guide To Hand Washing Silks

Step 1: Ensure your sink or basin is clean and dry, then fill with cool water.  Add Le Blanc® Silk Wash and stir.  

Step 2: Immerse your garment in the wash, let soak then massage to clean.  After about 5 minutes drain the water and rinse garments to remove excess cleaner.

Step 3: Transfer wet garments from sink onto a bath towel and pat dry, do not squeeze or twist.  Immediately transfer to drying rack or hanger.

After your silks are dry they may seem slightly stiff, warm up an iron on medium setting and steam out the fabric to return to a soft and lustrous shine.

Tip: It is best to wash your silks and cottons less frequently to extend the life of your garment.  The usual recommendation is about three wears to one wash.  

Happy Laundering!

August 30, 2017 by Damiano Collection

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