100% Pure Beeswax Round Candle Pillar

$26.00 USD

Create a relaxing meditative space while purifying the air naturally with a 100% pure beeswax candle.  These candles do not contain added scents, but feature the natural, warm and sweet inherent smell of honey.  A beloved characteristic of beeswax candles.

We sourced these hand poured pillars from an artisan in Cottage Grove, Oregon.  The quality is un-matched, elevating any space you put them in.

Health Benefits:

Beeswax produces negative ions when burned. The negative ions attach and bond to positive ions (dust, pollen, mold, odor, toxins) floating in the air.  This process neutralizes the toxins, thus cleans the air.

The Ingredients:

  • 100% pure USA beeswax, no other waxes are used
  • Handmade by Beeswax Candle Works, Inc in Cottage Grove, Oregon
  • Only 100% cotton wicks are used, free from lead
  • The raw beeswax is purchased only from USA beekeepers and lightly filtered for proper burning
  • The beeswax is natural and not bleached
  • The color of natural beeswax candles will vary from batch to batch due to the different sources of pollen, nectar and propolis collected by the honeybees, which are brought into the beehive. Expect color ranges from yellow to golden amber

Burning Instructions:

  • Burn a minimum of 1 1/2 hours each session to prevent excessive tunneling down the middle of the candle (tunneling leaves a lot of beeswax unburned)
  • Make sure to burn on a non-flammable dish to catch any excess wax (or in a candle container if desired)
  • After extinguishing the flame, allow the edges to cool slightly. Then, gently mold the edges inward with damp fingers. This is necessary to maintain your beeswax candle and to allow it to burn evenly.
  • Straighten and trim wick to 3/8” before each lighting
  • Burn on a level surface and keep out of drafts to prevent uneven burning and dripping
  • Never leave a candle unattended!
About This Candle:
  • Approximate dimensions: 1 7/8" Diameter x 6" Tall
  • Round, cylinder shape
  • Approximately 9.5 oz
  • Estimated total burn time 45 Hours