Raw Silk Spa Headband in Copper

$23.00 USD

A gentle and easy natural band to hold your hair in place! Use the 100% raw silk spa headband to keep hair away from the face while applying makeup, cleansing and moisturizing, or performing a facial. The wrap is also perfect to wear everyday for running errands or working out. The lightly textured raw silk gently hugs the head and stays put for long-term wear.

Easy to care for! The headband is machine washable so don't be afraid to get a little gunk on it.

How to wear it:
1. Drape the wrap around the back of your neck with the ends hanging forward of your shoulders
2. Lift the ends and create a twist on the top of your forehead by crossing the ends together twice
3. Bring one end down at a time to tuck under the band at the ear level. Tuck well to make sure the band is secure!

The Details:

- Burnt Orange/Brown Copper Color
- 100% Raw Silk
- Machine wash and dry on gentle cycle, do not bleach
- Handmade in USA