Silk Body Wrap in Storm Gray

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Go anywhere and everywhere in this versatile essential. 100% Silk Charmeuse body wrap featuring a snap closure.  Drape and snap around your body any way you can imagine. Can be worn as a dress, skirt, top, shawl, and even pants! 

This luxurious wrap is perfect to wear after the shower or bath to protect your skin and retain natural moisture.  Silk fibers are slow to absorb essential body oils, unlike other moisture-wicking fabrics.  Think of silk as your skin's best friend.

The beauty is in the details of this piece.  The top and bottom edges are left with the natural ribbon quality selvedge edge, untouched since it was woven at the silk mill.  The tightly woven edge will never unravel even with repeated washing.

Watch the video below for a short visual tutorial on how to style it.

The Details:

  • Dark Storm Gray Color (One Side is Matte, One Side is Shiny)
  • Snap Closure
  • Selvedge Edge Detail on Hem
  • Multiple Ways To Wear
  • 100% Silk, mid-weight 19 momme thickness
  • Made in USA, Hand Wash 

Fit Notes:

Available in two sizes: Small/Medium and Large/XLarge. Order size based upon your largest measurement (Bust or Hip).

The Small/Medium wrap measures 44" tall by 44" wide and fits comfortably on a body circumference of no larger than 40".  

The Large/XLarge wrap measures 44" tall by 54" wide and fits comfortably on a body circumference of no larger than 50".  


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