Spa Wellness Set

$89.00 USD

Spa Time!

This wellness set is thoughtfully curated with self-care items meant to create the perfect at-home spa experience.  It is a great gift for yourself or someone special.

Each set comes with Damiano Collection original items mixed with premium artisan products, all hand packed in a reusable 100% cotton pouch.  

This set includes:

  • 1 Raw Silk Hair Towel
  • 1 Raw Silk Soap Pouch
  • 1 Raw Silk Exfoliating Cloth
  • 3 Natural 100% Beeswax Votive Candles (Hand Made in USA)
  • 1 Olivella Natural Olive Oil Soap Bar (Made in Italy)
  • 1 Olivella Natural Tea Tree Essence Body Oil (Made in Italy)

Recommended Ritual:

Light the beeswax votives in your bathroom to set the mood for a relaxing steamy experience.  Enjoy a lovely steam shower while cleansing your skin with natural origin olive oil soap from Olivella.  Don't forget to use the raw silk soap pouch to avoid slippery situations!  Cleanse face and use the exfoliating cloth to wipe away dull dead skin to reveal tighter, glowing skin.  Exit the shower and wrap your hair in a luxurious raw silk hair towel (lighter weight and less damaging than a cotton bath towel).  Finally, use the Olivella Body Oil with tea tree essence to massage your body and moisturize the skin.

Bonus! If you enjoy taking baths to relax, the body oil can be used as a bath oil for the ultimate moisture experience.  Draw a warm bath and add 30-40 pumps (about 5 Tablespoons) of Olivella Body Oil to the bath.  Keep hair tucked away with the raw silk hair towel and enjoy a refreshing, relaxing soak.

How does that sound?