Washed Silk Hair Turban in Copper

$48.00 USD

Say hello to healthier hair! Diminish hair breakage, frizz, and damage while sleeping. Use at night by tucking hair inside of turban for complete protection, or wear with hair down during the day for a bohemian look. 

This easy to care for 100% silk hair turban is perfect to wear with either dry or damp hair! Our washed silk is pre-tumbled to avoid water staining and distortion from wetness. Best of all it is machine washable! Run through the wash with other delicate garments in cold water with gentle detergent. Dry on delicate cycle with low heat.

The Details:
Easy Care Washed Silk Charmeuse (Sueded matte outside appearance, shiny satin inside appearance)
Covered Elastic Band With Flat Silicone Adjuster
100% Silk, Handmade in USA

How to Wear: 
1. Smooth your hair back and stretch the turban over your head.  For long hair, twist your hair into a bun and tuck into back of turban.
2. Tuck the elastic behind the ear, not over the ear. If there is excess fabric, smooth it down and over the ear to resemble the pictures! 
3. Make sure the small band that holds the gathers is placed directly on your hairline at the top of your forehead.  This will avoid forehead lines and indents! The small band can shift side to side by holding it and pulling the excess front fabric through to the left or right.

Fit Notes:
Our size adjustable turban features an adjustable inner elastic band.  Simply locate the elastic band and silicone adjuster under the tag.  Pull the elastic and slide the silicone adjuster down to your desired tightness.  Stretch out the turban to slide elastic back into place.  Repeat until you find the perfect fit! 


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