Damiano Collection

Our History

A Mediterranean Lifestyle

Inspired by a Mediterranean way of life, Damiano Collection is an escape into a world of effortless authenticity and wholistic wellbeing.

Easy silhouettes, traditional techniques, and heirloom quality fabrics come together in a wardrobe made for enjoying slow moments and simple pleasures.

The Designer

"I am inspired by simple yet blissful moments, authentic laughter with loved ones, and the feeling of being the most natural me. I believe that wearing something comfortable and effortless is the perfect way to bring out a persons natural beauty."
-Alexandra Damiano

A child of Greek/Italian Americans, Alexandra Damiano was raised with European heritage and an entrepreneurial spirit. She first discovered her interest in making clothing as a child, playing with fabric swatches in her Pappou's tailoring shop.

She studied Fashion on a global scale in Philadelphia, New York, Milan and Paris. After spending time in the Patternmaking studio at Oscar de la Renta, she worked as a designer and pattern maker at a local factory outside of Philadelphia. This small factory naturally became a production partner in 2015 when Damiano Collection was born.

Every year Alexandra travels to Greece, visiting family and gaining renewed inspiration, perspective and connection to life.

Artisan Made

Our Process

Handmade In Small Batches

Our items are made in small batches with emphasis on quality and preserving the handmade process.

Our Ecological Standards

  • Utilize high quality naturally derived fabrics with non-toxic dyes
  • Practice low waste fabric cutting techniques (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)
  • Maintain small batch production to avoid excess inventory

A main contributing factor of the damaging effects of fashion to our ecosystem today is over-production. Cheap fashion has a price we all pay for in the form of massive inventory dumps, production waste, and the short lifespan of those clothing items. Shopping with brands who produce better quality in small batches is a great way to positively impact change.

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