Damiano Collection is an artisan made loungewear and beauty accessories brand that puts comfort and self-care on the priority list for modern women.  Inspired by a Mediterranean way of life, easy silhouettes are carefully cut from natural washed silks to cultivate a wardrobe that effortlessly flows within a lifestyle of pure relaxation.

Many of our products result in minimal to no-waste due to the careful though put into pattern design, recycling, and manufacturing methods.

The dyes and fiber content in our fabrics are non-toxic and naturally derived.

Each product is made in small batches with a highly hands-on artisan lead process.

Words from the Designer

Slow living, natural healing, and being gentle with your body is the essence of Mediterranean living.  I design each piece of the collection with these concepts in mind, while also taking inspiration from my Greek and Italian heritage.  Damiano is my last name, and the name of the collection, carried from Sicily to America in the 1920's.  I travel often to Greece, surrounding myself with family energy, local food, and a uniquely genuine perspective of life. 

The collection provides a chance to escape habitual stress and the demands of daily life in garments designed for pure relaxation. I design with the body in mind, refining natural beauty routines and defining the feeling of relaxing moments.  The entire process from design to end product is highly intimate and hands-on, resulting in a truly genuine product.  I choose only natural fabrics that feel gentle to the touch, and are easy to care for in the practical motions of life.  

Naturally Artisan Made

I source the finest quality silks from small family-run suppliers based in the U.S., that have connections with the best heritage mills in Asia and Europe. 

The fabrics I use never contain chemically derived synthetic fibers such as polyester, rayon, or spandex due to the unsustainable and hazardous production processes that include the use of petroleum solvents and PET based polymers. Natural silk fibers are derived from earthly elements and are known to improve the wellness and vibrance of the skin by perfectly regulating body temperature and absorbing excess oils and toxins from the skin.

Production is done in the USA, in the suburbs surrounding Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Each piece is crafted with the help of my network of independent seam artisans and small batch sample houses. Over the years I have been lucky to meet a diverse group of individuals with the passion for making. I am personally involved in production and take joy in bringing products to life.  

Artisan Made is an extremely personal method of production.  This means that the utmost care was taken to create your individual piece, by people who love what they do. Supporting artisan made means you are directly supporting an individual, not a corporation.


Simplicity is the best policy when it comes to packaging. Damiano Collection employs a minimalist approach to packaging and product labeling.  Recycled paper and biodegradable materials are the base for our wrapping and shipping supplies. You won't find excessive plastic pouches or shrink wrap.  We work with a local family owned printing business to acquire our specialty tissue paper from their small end-rolls.    

Want to ask a question about the products or design practices?

Send a message to Info@DamianoCollection.com