I founded Damiano Collection as a creative outlet to express a lifestyle I truly want to live; one filled with authenticity, passion, and serenity.  Each design is focused on an easy aesthetic drawn from the Grecian way of dress.  Loosely draped silhouettes and gentle gathers showcase the natural feminine figure without restriction. 



Each garment offers an escape into a moment of relaxation. Silk fabrics and artisan made details bring a unique vintage-like aesthetic to modern designs. Whether it is for travel or leisure, a piece of Damiano Collection will accompany you on a journey of peaceful discovery.


Back To My Roots

I am constantly inspired by my heritage of Greek and Italian immigrants who embarked on a journey to live the American dream.  My Pappou came from Greece as a Master Tailor. He found work (and a wife) in the states, and eventually saved enough money to open his namesake shop in Allentown, Pennsylvania.  He was a local favorite, tailoring suits for the top business executives of the time. His story is an undying inspiration to me.  Visiting my family in Greece is one of my favorite adventures.  It gives me the opportunity to open up my perspective and allows me to re-center my thoughts, values, and goals.

The Process

For me, a slow approach to design is the best method.  I focus on creating a useful, comfortable, and easy piece that will stand the test of time.  Each garment is cut from 100% pure fabric made with naturally derived silk or cotton fibers.  Production is done locally and domestically, with the help of a network of artisan seamstresses.


The entire process from design to end product is highly intimate and hands-on, resulting in a truly genuine product.  I love the feeling of wearing something that is not a mystery.  To be able to tell the story of where an item has traveled and to know who facilitated that voyage is incredibly special.  Through this evolving collection, I want to give my customers full disclosure and honesty about the how, what and whom of production.  This knowledge creates an opportunity to make a more meaningful purchase. 


Why do you only use natural fabrics? The fabrics we use never contain chemically derived synthetic fibers such as polyester, rayon, or spandex due to the unsustainable and hazardous production processes that include the use of petroleum solvents and PET based polymers. Natural fibers like silk and cotton are not only derived from earthly elements, but are known to improve the wellness and vibrance of the skin by perfectly regulating body temperature and absorbing excess oils and toxins from the skin.

How sustainable is your supply chain? We source fabrics from suppliers based in the US to reduce the impact of long transit shipping.  Currently, our Silk fabric comes from Eastern Silk Mills based out of New Jersey with a showroom in New York.  They dye all of their imported raw yardage in their New Jersey facility and are proud to adhere to the strict guidelines of the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Our organic and casual cotton fabrics are supplied by Carr Textile based out of Fenton, Missouri.  They are a second generation family owned business that is proud to operate facilities in the U.S. They also ensure that their organic cottons are Control Union Certified, and meet the OEKO-TEX standard for eco-friendly and sustainable processes for dyeing and finishing.  

Who makes the clothing? In the beginning, it was just me.  Now, I am proud to be connected to an extremely scalable and diverse team of Philadelphia based artisan seamstresses and small batch American manufacturers. Depending upon the amount of units needed to be produced a diverse range of skilled individuals will be called to complete a sewing order.