Raw Silk Hair Towel For Natural Hair Care

$34.00 USD

Decrease frizz, increase healthy natural shine, and retain natural hydration with a raw silk hair towel.

When hair is wet, it is in its most fragile state and easily prone to abrasion, breakage, and frizz. Abrasive cotton towels often strip away natural hair oils and conditioners, leaving your hair over-dried and frizzy. Raw silk has the perfect absorbency properties to only wick away excess water, allowing natural hair oils and conditioners to remain. 

This towel is best used when worn for longer than 20 minutes, as you relax post-shower. Feel free to leave on for as long as you desire.

Before use, machine wash in cold water on delicate cycle and tumble dry on low heat (this will increase absorbency). Do not bleach.

The Details:

  • 100% Raw Silk (textured)
  • Natural un-dyed fabric
  • Elastic band to secure twisted section
  • One Size (When towel is flat it measures approximately 11" wide x 22" long)
  • Handmade in USA

Fit Notes:

There is excess fabric to fit long and thick hair. If you have thin or short hair there is a way to secure the towel tighter by moving the elastic loop higher on the twisted section.