Silk Hair Roller & Bun Maker For Heatless Curls In Black

$28.00 USD

We are excited to parter with Etsy shop owner Diana of My Easy Curls to make our 100% silk hair rollers. Each roller is hand made at Diana's studio in North Carolina with our silk fabric on the outside, Diana's proprietary phase change material and 100% cotton core on the inside, plus a sturdy snap closure. The eco-friendly phase change material ensures that your rollers will bounce back into shape after each use, and last for many years to come.

These soft hair rollers are 1" in diameter to create perfect voluminous curls, and are soft and comfortable to wear wile sleeping. They can also be used to create the perfect rolled ballerina bun! Five rollers are included in each pack.

The Details:

5 Hair Rollers Per Pack
Use To Curl Hair, or Create Flawless Rolled Buns
100% Silk Outer, Proprietary Phase Change Material Inner (eco-friendly bio-based), 100% Cotton Core, KAM Snaps
Each hair roller is 1" in diameter and 9" long, featuring a sturdy snap closure.

How to make a rolled bun:
1. It is best to first tie your hair up in a ponytail
2. Roll your ponytail onto one hair roller in a downward rolling motion starting at the end of the ponytail, until you can't roll any more (make sure it is tightly rolled)
3. Snap the ends of your hair roller above your hair tie that secures your ponytail
4. Disperse your hair around the roller so the roller is covered, secure with pins if necessary.

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Rolled Bun:
Setting Curls:
Overnight Curls: