From person to person, daily routines differ depending on an individuals unique physical health needs. But, for everyone, adding a self-care ritual to your daily routine means taking better care of your mental and emotional health. Establishing a daily self-care routine can help to increase emotional wholistic wellbeing and confidence with as little as 5 minutes per day. 

The best self-care rituals are those made from your existing daily routine.

No matter how "busy" you are, everyone has 5 minutes to re-allocate for a better purpose. An effective self-care ritual doesn't have to be long or complicated. In fact, the best ones are centered around your existing routine. First, identify your daily unchanging routine each morning, afternoon or night.  Then, transform one one of those mundane actions into a more relaxing meditative self-care ritual.

Here are a few examples of my routine and how I transformed them into mini self-care sessions:

1. Morning and Evening Facial Cleanse + Oil Massage

Spotlight: Silk Face and Hand Towel , Olivella® Olive Oil Liquid Soap and Bar

Every morning and evening I wash my face and moisturize.  I transformed my routine by finding the perfect products that work best for my skin from companies I feel good about supporting.  Next, I upgraded my face towel from my generic cotton towel to a gentle silk towel that makes me feel a bit more luxurious and pampered. Finally, I added in a short temple massage while moisturizing my face to make it an extra relaxing experience.

I look forward to this mini-massage ritual every day to help refresh, clam and clear my mind.

2. In-Shower Full Body Exfoliation

Spotlight: Exfoliating Coffee Scrub Complete With Moisturizing Oils

Before, after, or during a shower is a great time to add a little spa inspired self-care ritual.  Once a week I spend an extra 5 minutes to give myself a full-body exfoliating scrub while enjoying a steamy coffee-scented aroma.  After applying hair conditioner, I twist my hair up and secure it with a claw clip (that way I get a little hydrating hair-mask as a bonus).  Stepping out of the stream of water, I begin exfoliating my skin from top to bottom in gentle circular motions with an all-natural coffee scrub packed with nourishing and moisturizing oils that leave the skin amazingly hydrated, toned and soft.  

 3. Nightly Hair Care Routine

Spotlight: Silk Hair Turban and Eye Mask

Hair-care is not just for the waking hours.  By adding one item to your bedtime routine you can improve hair health, reduce time spent taming hair in the morning, and perhaps get a better night's rest with hair tucked away from the face.  I use a hair turban nightly to keep my long hair out of my face without using a hair tie, and free from tangles in the morning caused by pillow abrasion.  Our silk hair turban is made from soft, sand-washed silk that is easy to care for and even easier on the hair.  If this is a new concept for you, give it a try! You may find your new favorite self-care ritual.

Have any favorite self-care rituals you practice regularly? Please share them in a comment below!

Health and Happiness,


December 23, 2022 — Alexandra Damiano

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