This month I would like to share a bit about what has inspired my designs along with a few products I love. Thank you for spending this moment with me and I hope you enjoy the story!

-Alexandra Damiano (@The.Natural.Mediterranean on Instagram)

Literally translated from Italian, "terra cotta" means "baked earth".

It is iron rich clay that once fired creates a red-hued stiff but porous structure. In ancient cultures, these vases were used to hold and transport liquids. They were even used for cooking food. The most recognized terra cotta may be from ancient Greece where artisans would paint the vessels with black iron oxide, depicting scenes of everyday life or mythical imagery.

I am inspired by the simplicity and versatility of this earthen material, but also how warm the color makes me feel.


Here are a few of my product picks made in this timeless color:

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November 01, 2022 — Alexandra Damiano

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